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Absolute First Time

This is the first good transmission we have ever found in one of our parts trucks. Usually, they become parts trucks because of the high cost of a transmission repair. We have had the transmission run on the test stand, had some minor repairs done and it is good! We have had inquiries already. We have priced it at $14,500. That is half the price of a rebuilt.

  • Who is behind this web site?.
    That is a good question. My name is Wayne Michels. I was the Vice President of Product Support for Moxy Trucks of America, LLC in Cincinnati for over 18 years. Since I retired in 2005 and have been working on the US EPA engine labeling project for Scania, during this time I have made many contacts with owners of earlier Moxy trucks. Through this site I have tried to answer many of their questions. We are glad to help anyone who owns any model of Moxy truck.
  • Special Notice!!! We now have access to seven (7) MT30 trucks that are being parted out and a couple of MT40s. These trucks all have good 23.5 x 25 tires (MT30s, MT31s). The MT40 tires are 26.5 x 25. These tires will fit MT40s and MT36 trucks. With the price of new tires, these used ones are a real bargain!! If you are interested e-mail us at We have many pictures we could send to you.
  • If you have a unit you wish to sell e-mail us and we will list it on the site at no charge.

  • The rear differential is also in good shape. We have already quoted the rear differential. It will fit all trucks serial number 353768 and up.



  • We have been rebuilding these turning rings with new bronze pieces and seals. Check with us on the availabilty if you need repairs in this area of your truck.