Assistance for Owners of Earlier Model Moxy Articulated Trucks


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  • Who is behind this web site?.
    That is a good question. My name is Wayne Michels. I was the Vice President of Product Support for Moxy Trucks of America, LLC in Cincinnati for over 18 years. Since I retired in 2005 and have been working on the US EPA engine labeling project for Scania, during this time I have made many contacts with owners of earlier Moxy trucks. Through this site I have tried to answer many of their questions. We are glad to help anyone who owns any model of Moxy truck.
  • Special Notice!!! We just acquired a Moxy MT31 parts truck. The engine needs to be overhauled. It has good tires. It also has a top tailgate. Which is a very popular item and won't be around long. We have already quoted several parts on the machine and sold several.

  • The MT31 parts truck we just purchased has a top tailgate. They are very rare!



  • We have been rebuilding these turning rings with new bronze pieces and seals. Check with us on the availabilty if you need repairs in this area of your truck.