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This web site has been set up to assist owners of earlier model Moxy Articulated dump trucks.

The earlier model MT30 trucks were sold by equipment dealers who no longer represent Doosan-Moxy. The current Doosan-Moxy dealers have not had a lot of experience with these older trucks.

Many Contractors, construction companies, landfill operators and other site preparation contractors still use some of the earlier model Moxy Articulated trucks. In particular there are a great number of Moxy MT30, MT36 and MT40 trucks, still being used on a regular basis. We have information on the 'real' old, D16B, 5200, 6200S, 6225/7 S & B Models.

Some, if not all, of these end users do their own maintenance and repair work. Assistance in troubleshooting problems and making economical repairs is available either by e-mailing the web site or calling one of the technician assistants.

Contact the site at or call Wayne Michels at (859) 801-8631


  • Have You Checked Your Turning Ring/Tandem Bearings?

  • One of the most critical areas of the Moxy articulated dumps trucks are the turning rings and the tandem bearings.

  • These areas have bronze thrust washer and bearings rings to provide the bearing action need for the front to rear oscillation of the truck and the swinging action of the tandems.

  • It is also an area that needs special attention in proper lubrication and maintenance. Whether the truck has manual or autolube greasing, these areas need to be lubricated every 8 hours. The better the lubrication the longer the life of the bearings. Proper lubrication has seen the bearings rings last 5,000 -6,000 hours. On the other end of the scale poor lubrication, has shown the life to be less than 1,000 hours in many cases.

  • Ocassionally, end users do not realize that there are parts available to repair these areas. Purchasing the complete new ring may be necessary in some real bad situtations but most can be repaired for about 1/5 of the cost of new. So fas Doosan has done a good job of keeping up stock on the parts for these bearing. But as the trucks get older they will discontinue stocking the repair parts.

  • We have several kits for all model trucks that we have put together. We are in a position to save the end user a lot of money on these kits (new bronze pieces, seals).


This rear differential for a Moxy MT30. It is the latest style differential ever installed in the MT30s. It is the LK model differential. The customer had this differential installed less than 1,000 hours ago. The transmission failed and we acquired the truck for a parts unit. This differential will fit any Moxy MT30 from serial number 353001 and up. On units before 353768, the spacer shown in the picture is needed
to make this differential fit.

Moxy sells this differential as part of a kit for the trucks prior to serial number 353768. The differentials for those trucks is no longer available. Moxy prices the kit at $20,000. We have this kit on sale for $10,500 including the spacer ring.

We don't have differentials very long and we have quoted this one twice in the last week. It may be gone pretty quick.

Gear Selectors for All Models
      The gear selectors on the Moxy trucks are used a great deal in the everyday operation. We have a complete stock of rebuilt shifters for all model trucks. We have shifters for the 6225/7B trucks up to the MT30, MT31, MT36, and MT40B.
      We also have the transmission control units and the Scania engine control units.